Bean’s Bodacious Bounce to Blogging

We’re heeeeeeeeeeeere world wide web!  Get ready for some fun!  The pup (Quincy Bean, normally called Bean) and I are ready to share fun photos, contests, adventures and connect with others both human and animal!

A little about us.  I, the human that happens to have thumbs and therefore will be doing the typing, have a full time job at a community college.  In my “free” time, I craft like it’s going out of style (which sometimes does occur, remember macrame?), cook, read and take photos…lots and lots of photos!  One goal, which is getting closer to reality is a Pet Photography Business.  Let me know if you’d be willing for me to come over and take some practice shots to add to my portfolio.

On to Quincy – AKA The Bean, Beaner, Beanie (sense a theme?), Kraken and The Creature.  She’s a silly petite brown Boston Terrier who kisses on the lips at the first meeting and farts on your face, really at any meeting.  She’s loving, lively and doesn’t really know she’s little.  She’s the reason I’m here!  Her photos have resulted in us winning an astonishing number of contests in the past year.  As a result, we’ve been able to donate close to $3000 worth of goods and monetary contributions to our local animal shelter.

So, be on the lookout for postings and other fun.  This is the first foray into blogging, so there will likely be a learning curve from a technological standpoint and a need to determine how many posts are realistic on a weekly basis.